Hunting Territory in New Zealand

Your Destination is the South Island of New Zealand, known as the "Sportsman's Paradise" and fast becoming the Adventure Capital of the World. The best way to describe New Zealand is that "it's like rolling all the best features of America into California and taking out all the people" .

Based out of Geraldine and Pleasant Point in the centre of the South Island - offers prime free range hunting along with over 200,00 acres of adjoining public lands. Pleasant Point is known for its gold course and small town life. It's an attractive rural service town and has a population of about 1300 located about a 2 hours drive from Christchurch airport. In Geraldine, our accommodations are Ranch House style modern and spacious bed and breakfasts offering all the comforts and convenience of home. Geraldine, about 2 hours drive from Christchurch airport, is a charming and picturesque town located in the Canterbury region with a population of about 2,244.

Getting Here

Air New Zealand flies direct from L.A.X or San Francisco into Auckland, on the north island of New Zealand with a flight time of 12 hours. After clearing customs in Auckland the transfer to Christchurch is approximately 1 hours flight time then we pick you up at the airport and drive to our camps or the ranch.

Plan to see more of New Zealand while you are here. There are several day trips available in our area.

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Facts about Christchurch City


  • Latitude: 43° Mins, 48 Secs South
  • Longitude: 172° 37 Mins, 13 Secs East.
  • East Coast, South Island, New Zealand
  • Area: Christchurch City: 45,240 Hectares


New Zealand’s resident population is over 4 million people (4,242,048). The population of Christchurch is 341,469. (Source: Statistics New Zealand, 2013 Census of Population and Dwellings).

Christchurch is one of our main cities : Visit this site


Christchurch has a mild climate. The beautiful New Brighton and Sumner beaches are a very popular way to cool off and relax over the summer, while winter sees locals heading to the hills to enjoy some of the great ski fields! Summer in New Zealand runs from December through February and Winter from June through August.
  • Mean Daily Maximum: Jan 22.5 °C, July 11.3 °C
  • Mean Temperature: 12.1°C
  • Mean Daily Minimum: Jan 12.2°C, July 1.9°C
  • Mean Annual Maximum: 32°C
  • Mean Annual Minimum: -4°C
  • Mean average bright sunshine: 2,100 hours per annum
  • Average rain days: 1mm or more; 85 per annum
  • Average annual rainfall: 648 mm


English and Maori are the two official spoken languages of New Zealand. English is the predominantly spoken language.

International Relationships

  • Wuhan, People’s Republic of China
  • Adelaide, South Australia
  • Christchurch, England
  • Kurashiki, Japan
  • Seattle, USA
  • Province of Gansu, Peoples Republic of China
  • Songpa-Gu, South Korea