We will provide all bedding and equipment like rifles, shotguns and rods which can be supplied at no charge if needed. Most of the clothing and equipment may be supplied through Cabela's or the likes of Sportsmans Warehouse. See Cabela's complete catalogue online at ttp://www.cabelas.com. Most ammo can be bought in New Zealand however we do recommend you bring this with you as it can be hard to get plus it is expensive.

Clothing and Equipment to Bring With You

We recommend these items as a guideline for your hunt. Temperatures will vary greatly from night to day, depending on the altitude and season. It may freeze at night, be sunny, rain and snow in the same day (25 - 65 degrees). Be prepared for the wind, layered clothing is by far the best way to go.


  • Rifle - 270 up to 300 mag with no less than a 6x scope plus 80 rounds of ammo and a soft gun case with cleaning kit. Shooting and walking sticks are optional
  • Shotgun - 12-20 ga. You can buy ammo in NZ if need be.
  • Bow - 45 lb plus with at least 24 arrows and broad heads.
  • Kit - Knife, flashlight, head lamp with extra batteries, insect repellent, sun block, survival blanket, duct tape, etc.
  • Optics - Binoculars 8-10x42, sunglasses, camera, extra batteries, range finder with angle compensator (video camera, GPS, cell/sat phones and spotting scopes are optional)
  • Day Pack - A few small waterproof bags for camera, etc.
  • Waders - Bird shooters and fishermen may require hip or thigh waders, however we will provide these if necessary.