These are some of the most common or Frequently Asked Questions for our Hunts and Hunt Packages. Browse through the list below to see if the information you require is listed or give us a call or email to answer your question.

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Where do I fly into?
Air New Zealand flies direct into New Zealand from L.A.X , Houston or San Francisco into Auckland located in the North Island of NZ. Flight time is between 12-14 hours. You will clear customs in Auckland then transfer into Christchurch with approximately 1 hours flight time then we pick you up there.
How far is the airport from the camp?
From Christchurch Airport our camps are between 2 hours and 4 hours drive
Can I bring my own rifle?
Yes, appropriate paper work is available when you clear customs in Auckland. There is a $25 NZ dollar charge for this.
What do I need in the way of money?
All major credit cards are accepted in NZ , your hunt payment can be paid either via cheque or wire transfer on the completion of your hunt. For non hunters or touring NZ a small amount of NZD cash can be usefull . You can exchange US DOLLARS into NZ DOLLARS either in the USA before you fly over or in NZ at various locations.
What distance is the average shot?
For rifle, the shots are usually between 150 to 300 yards and for bow 30 to 60 yards.
When is the best time to visit?
Our hunting season begins in March and will run right through till August. March is the end of our summer and beginning of Fall. July and August is the beginning of our winter. Depending on what animal you are hunting for, there are prime dates within the season. A guide line is given on the hunt package pages.
What is the climate like?
In summer our temperatures are between the 70's and 80's. Fall its typically in the high 60's and winter time it will freeze over night and get up to the 50's during the day. NZ is known for experiencing all 4 seasons in one day, but we stay in a very comfortable living temperature. Humidity in Christchurch is averages 30%.
Are there any tags?
Licences and stamps are required for bird shooting and can be provided for you if you require them. There are no tags or licences for big game for overseas hunters in New Zealand.
Can I go fishing?
Yes, a number of our hunting properties have fishing, however our fishing is better early in February. We will supply all gear and equipment for you.
Will I have access to the internet?
Yes at our lodges and ranch houses WiFi is available for you. Most hotels and some cafes will also have this available.
Can I bring the meat home?
Due to recent changes in regulations , this is no longer an option. Hunters will be able to sample the game meat whilst hunting in New Zealand prepared by our wonderful cooks.
What is there to do for a non-hunter?
As part of our non-hunter rate a variety of activities are provided. The activities are usually a mixture of sight-seeing, shopping, hiking and museum visits, however no 2 days are ever the same and we cater to our client's physical abilities and likes. All food and transportation are included for a non-hunter whether they are out on a day trip or within the camp.
Will my cell phone work in New Zealand?
Yes it will work on roaming. You will need to contact your network provider to give you accurate information as to the costs and charges for doing this…. it will be very expensive to use. We recommend having your phone unlocked and trading SIM cards to a NZ one which allows you to use the pre-paid system. Or purchasing a basic phone in NZ and SIM card on the pre-paid system.
Will there be other hunters in camp?
Our hunting accommodations can sleep different numbers of clients . We offer a party of 5 + exclusive accommodation and 3-4 hunting areas. If you are a solo hunter or a party of 2-4 there may be others in the same camp. For our couples hunts we will pair 2-3 couples at a time so the non-hunters can have others to talk to and enjoy the non-hunter activities together.
What if I want my hunt on film?
This is something that can be arranged by speaking with us directly.
What are my options as far as trophies are concerned? has a taxidermist contracted to them, we recommend speaking with the taxidermist and making your choice at the end of the hunt as to weather you'd like to mount in NZ or expedite to the USA.
Can I bring alcohol?
The legal drinking age is 18 in NZ. Alcohol is very expensive, we advise purchasing hard liquor duty free. Included in your hunt is beer and wine, hard liquor is not.
What do I give as a tip at the end of my hunt?
Tipping is not customary as you travel within New Zealand, but it is appreciated in the hunting industry. If you are unsure, please ask your agent.